Diversified Design & Manufacturing is your single-source solution for innovative product design, high precision gages, high quality automation fixtures, reliable production, and inspection services. ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Our end-to-end solutions will make us your go-to team for globally superior engineering.

Specialty Machining

We are committed to our customer’s changing needs and specialize in the design and building of special machinery for a wide range of applications.

Tight Tolerance Experts

Jig, Turning & Cylindrical Grinding

Automation and Assembly Fixtures
Automated Testing Jigs & Fixtures
Quality Inspections
Gage Restoration
Quality Control


In our competitive world, ensuring appropriately engineered solutions can translate into significant savings at the manufacturing stage.

WInning Solutions

Diversified Design & Manufacturing, Inc. translates Engineering/Reverse Engineering into a winning solution. We strive to make every system, product, fixture, gage and jig better.


Diversified specializes in research that includes: CMM Inspection, Finite Element Analysis, Statistical Process Analysis and Secondary Process Testing.

Trusted & Accurate

Diversified Design & Manufacturing, Inc. is the first choice for trusted and accurate engineering, testing and analytical services. Clients rely on our inspection and tolerance measurement capabilities.


Diversified builds the industry’s best gages, fixtures, components, tooling and manufactured parts. On Time. On Budget. Ready to Perform.

Ready to Perform

All of our systems are custom designed and engineered to streamline manufacturing operations, increase productivity, improve product quality and reduce overall costs. We’ll take on your biggest challenges – even in small quantities.

Our experience delivers confidence, quality and unique solutions for our customers.

We’ve provide superior engineering and high-precision products to companies of all sizes and locations.

This Global Expertise reaches across industries including:

Why Diversified Design & Manufacturing, Inc.?

  • Experienced team with decades of award winning engineering solutions
  • Tight tolerance expertise for precise machining, manufacturing and inspection
  • Tight tolerance expertise with precision up to .00005″ Grinding Tolerances.
  • Industry experience solving challenges across industries
  • Rapid prototyping expertise to guide product development decision
  • Designed, engineered and manufactured in the United States
  • 100% quality assurance of our service with replacement of tooling, gages, fixtures, jigs or components
  • Quality is our pledge – Certified ISO 9001:2015
Our mission is to be a world-class solution provider of innovative design, tight tolerance tooling, high quality manufacturing, and reliable inspection services to our global customers.
  • Innovative design built around our customer needs
  • High quality manufacturing so designs produce according to specifications
  • Tight tolerance tooling with close tolerance machining built to manufacture
  • High quality manufacturing that meets timing, cost, and quality specifications
  • Dependable run rates and 100% quality assured
  • Expert, high precision inspection services with dependable results
Our pledge is to assure that each customized solution performs according to the customer’s specifications. Our expert team ensures that qualification and commercialization processes meet or exceed expectations. If not, we guarantee our service with replacement of tooling, gages, fixtures, jigs or components.
731 Swan Drive
PO Box 448
Mukwonago, WI 53149
Phone: 262.363.2121 Fax: 262.363.2455
Email: info@ddmtool.com

The Diversified Advantage by the Numbers

Development Hours
Custom Solutions Designed
Engineering Solutions Delivered
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